“Je Maintiendra”

"Je Maintiendra"

“Je Maintiendra”

“Je Maintiendra” is French for “I WILL MAINTAIN”

This is another of my “taglines” on my email.  I just like it. It says that no matter how I feel, or what I am going through, I WILL maintain!  It is a reminder for me to just hang in there, and be tough, keep my wits and dignity about me.

These days it’s not so hard. I adopted this little affirmation, long ago, when my oldest child and I were apart (my ex moved her around Nevada and California for seven years to accomplish this).  She will be 22 in a few days now.  I wanted to fall apart, because there was nothing I could do.  Of course I went through a mourning period.  Of course, I was sad, of course, I tried to reach her, I sought her…. I quit counting address after a dozen, I think… It was awhile back.  But, in the long run, the best way to take care of her, and my other kid at the time, was to take care of me.  The best way to prepare for her return (yes, mothers, they do come home) was to take care of me….  someone once told me to get ready for her return, get prepared… and I did.  I pulled myself together, and went to college, eventually I lit a candle and said good-bye.  Eventually, she came back.  Today, she says that I am her hero. And she is one of mine.  One thing we have both managed to do is to Maintain.

Pamela Ann Miller, born December 21, 1983.  I LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. The pictue included with this blog is of me and my ex.  I don’t care about him so much.  But, for those of you who did not know me when I was young… notice, I’ve not always been FAT! (EGADS!!).  I was about 19 or 20 years old there.  The picture was taken somewhere between 1982/83.  It was taken at my dad’s home, at that time outside of Woodburn, Oregon.  About a three hours drive north of where I live now.

Hugs, Peg

Have a Cam Image (yes, mam, any cam) On Your Desktop!

665eClyde and I like to see what is going on in the world.  We have web cam images on our desktop.  In this example which by the way will work with Windows XP (any edition) and Windows 2000.  Other versions, such as ME will work too, but the instructions might be slightly different.

In this example I will use cam images from TripCheck.com.  We like TripCheck.com for when we make our little jaunts to wherever in Oregon.  Oregon has put webcams up all over the state, and you can go to the website and see what road conditions look like. These images are updated every 10 minutes or so around the clock.  On Clyde’s desktop, is  Bly Mountain Pass (by our land), Klamath Falls (cause he works there a lot), Mount Shasta (two views), Mount St. Helena (Washington) and I have the cam that is right out by our exit (Myrtle Creek) and one from the Panda Exihibit from the National Zoo.    When you are at a website and you see that they have web cams set up.

All you have to do is place your cursor over the image that is a webcam image:

1. Next click your RIGHT mouse button
2. The context menu will pop up as shown above, click “set as Desktop item”
3. Next you’ll see Windows wants confirmation: Click YES, you can drag the image where ever you want it on your desktop.

Outlook Express: Consider using Rules for organization and spam deletion!!

8991Hi Everyone,

I am a big fan of Lockernome and their newsletters. I’ve been getting them for at least three or four years now.  But, there is one point, that I consider major about this article totally  missed! Rules are great for getting rid of spam!  Make a rule using the following instructions, but messages that contain keywords in the “subject line” or “body of the message” can be marked for deletion by just using a rule.  You know… I don’t own a penis of my own, I didn’t even know I needed mine enlarged… so I just have the program look for the “P” word and toss it.  Other words I have learned to include are mortgage, viagra, babes!  I have a long list, and most of my 200 or so spams a day get tossed out this way.

And you don’t have to have large volumes of mail to use rules.  Sometimes, it just helps you stay orgainzed.  Every email I get from Rootsweb Forum (about 20 a day) goes into a Genealogy Folder.  Anything coming in about my son, goes to my Wesley Folder,  All my clients have their own folder, right down to Image 2000, SrugglingReaders.com, and HilaryFMarkcx.com.  Uncles, Aunts, and cousins, have their own folders. It’s just easier for me to find what I want when I want it that way. (You know, I wish the rest of my life were this organized!)

So, if you use Outlook Express, or the full version of Outlook, consider using Rules for organization and spam deletion !!  Love to you all, Peg

“Rules are very useful for managing high volumes of messages. For example, instead of having them all end up in your Inbox, you can create rules that will sort incoming messages and place them in different folders.

You can create rules in Outlook Express (included with Windows XP), using the steps outlined below.

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Click the Tools menu option, point to Message Rules, and select Mail.
  3. Select one or more conditions for the rule. For example, if you select Where the From Line Contains People, the mail message must be from the sender you specify in the rule before any processing occurs.
  4. After you have specified the conditions, you must edit the value for each condition by selecting the hyperlink under Rule Description. For example, if you selected Where the To line contains people, you must then specify the particular senders.
  5. Specify the actions for the rule. Outlook Express will take these actions if a mail message meets all the conditions. For example, you cam Move it to the specified folder.
  6. Edit the values for the actions by selecting the hyperlink under Rule Description. For example, if you select the rule Move It to the Specified Folder, you then have to edit the value of the rule and tell Outlook Express which particular folder mail should be placed in.
  7. Type a descriptive name for the rule.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Ok the close the Message Rule dialog box.”

Using a Blog to get Job!

1e92I never thought until today, that I could use this as a medium to say, I WANT A JOB!  Image

I’d prefer to stay at home and continue to work on websites and work on people’s computers as I have done for roughly the past 10 years or so.

Maybe I’ll post a resume later! But for now here’s some of my website work:

My personal website (which gets very little attention): www.pegrowe.com

I have others that are archived on CD, that I can send you for more examples of my work.  I did all graphics on all sites.  I am a graphic artist, do simple websites (meaning I use classic structure, etc), and I am a certified Systems Specialist (Santa Rosa Junior College).  I am certified in Adobe Photoshop as well.  I tutor, do research via internet for pay (I once looked for a “show cow” for a client, imagine getting 50 an hour for that one!).  Oh yeah, I usually make 50 an hour/35 an hour when working with Seniors!

:0) Peg

P.S. that graphic above this blog, I made. I am proud of it.  I think it is one of my best.  The big baby in the middle is ME… Then all around from the bottom left to right and round: Me, My baby girl Diane (now 7 years old), My paternal Grandfather, Orvin Earl Rowe, My dad as a baby, my son (now almost 15), above my son, is My maternal great grandparents, Thomas Willard & Daisy Viola Hall Coop, to the left of them is Daisy’s Mother and children, Mary VanAtta Hall, to the left of Mary is my oldest daughter at about 16 years of age, and last but not least, the side view of the woman in the baby’s face is my paternal great grandmother, Vesta Victoria Williams Rowe.  This graphic has been used by professor(s) at the University level to show that one can break the rules (of mainstream graphic stuff) and still make a great graphic!

“Joie de Vivre”


I have had so many people the past few days ask me what this means: “Joie de Vivre” .

I save… snippets of things I like on my computer.  I have dozens of these things.  I have three favorites, that mean something to me especially.

Joie de Vivre is French for  “Joy of Life”

One of my motto’s in life, is to just ENJOY it! We only go around once so far as I know.  I mean, I hope there is a God, and heaven and I get another shot. But, what if there isn’t, shouldn’t I make the most of it while I am here?

I stop to smell the roses, I try to remember to enjoy my kids (even if they are driving absoutely nuts!),  counting my blessings (my house is such a wreck, but, hey it’s MINE).

It’s in my tagline on the bottom of my emails along with “my” other two mottos in life.  It is there to remind me to always enjoy my life.

:0) Love to you all, Peggy

P.S. I took the barn picture was taken a few years ago. It is fairly close to the Sonoma County/Mendocino County line on Highway 128, outside of Cloverdale, CA.

A moan and a groan…

Can I use a blog to bitch??!!  My kids don’t read this anyways! I just found out a few minutes ago, that my ex husband made it clear that it wasn’t worth his time to drive up here to Oregon to see his son for a two hour visitation.

What???!!!  Hello??  I just wonder what is worth anything at all to him.  Is there anything on this planet that he actually cares about, respects, or is worth his time?

After I moved up here to Roseburg, I drove down to California (that is NINE hours one way) to see my son. My visits with him while he was in the group home were often for less than 48 hours.  What is a child worth? One month, Sonoma County flew him home for a week, I had to drive four hours to pick him up at Portland Airport.  And, geez… while I was down there, my husband paid for gas, food, etc. while I ran around and did my thing with my son.  My husband who has known Wesley for two whole years shows that boy more respect and love than his own father does.

By the way, his father would not drive three hours to see him when he was in the same state either, and has not seen Wesley for at least two years now.  What does it take?

And as angry as I am for my son, (not like this is a new complaint here, just a new version of an old bitch)… the hurt when this all sinks in with the kids… the thought just makes me want to literaly cry.

I met him when I was 15 years old, and totally stupid myself.  But, I do wish I had waited until I was older and smarter and CHOSEN a better father for my children.  A thousand apologies, will never make up for the bad choices I have made either.

Ok nuff of that, just wanted to moan and groan, and I wish I could huff and puff and just blow his stupid house down!  Love ya all, Peg

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

Don Bovee in this article is a first cousin to my dad, Alvin C. Rowe.

I found this article at:

Gleaner Online


Milo Takes to the Air Waves

Two years ago Ron Myers, European Broadcasting Services manager, offered Milo Adventist Academy the opportunity to have an on-campus radio station by providing the technology and equipment for satellite uplink and transmission. Then-principal John Kriegelstein realized the potential and applied for a frequency. Don Bovee, campus industry Thunderbird Wood Products plant manager, also volunteered to help. After almost a year, the application was approved. Last summer, the local sponsors were given 18 months to get it on the air and before the deadline, 107.9 FM was broadcasting within a 20-mile radius of the school. The start-up phase consists mostly of music. Later, the music content will be reduced to 30 or 40 percent as Voice of Prophecy, Faith for Today and other programs are added. The station’s music is conservative and sacred, with the target audience being age 30 and older. Already, at least 10 students have had their voices recorded for the station. Bovee is also planning a student-produced weekly program. The students will continue to be included in many ways. One 30-minute time block each day will provide time for students and staff members to promote Milo Adventist Academy, increase awareness of the school and reveal its beliefs to the community. Though the station has only been broadcasting for a few months, it is already making an impact. Marge Wheeler, affectionately called the “Mayor of Milo,” commented, “It’s a good station. I really appreciate having it. It’s great!” She prizes having a Christian station because she doesn’t have access to 3ABN. Although Myers resides in France, he has family living near Milo and continues to support the station. He produces much of the programming overseas and sends it to Oregon via satellite. Milo’s station is Myers’ sixth at a boarding academy. Students and staff appreciate your prayers as they minister through this new instrument of evangelism. Katie Currier, MAA sophomore

Yanks, Rebs, & Doodlebugs!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Hey this is fun!!! Find out if you are a yank or a reb! I am 46% yank (barely there according to them).  Which did kind of shock me, I have a very small amount of ancestors from the southern part of the country.   I also got a big kick out of this page, because it has a link to the “infamous” doodlebug! Which it turns out is REAL!! My grandpa and us kids, called the doodle bug out to visit when we went out for walks to the back pasture on their farm in Woodburn, Oregon.  My EX husband made it quite clear that there was NO such thing as a doodle bug and that my grandpa (Earl Otho Coop) was pulling my leg.  I am soooooooo happy that my EX was wrong!!  Goes to show, again, he don’t know as much as he thinks.  If anyone happens to have his email address, I’d love for this to reach his desk!!!

Pilgrim Richard Warren, My 10th Great Grandfather

a768In an email to MAYFLOWER-L@rootsweb.com,  David Sylvester [Roots@feliixplace.com] said:

“Here is an article I found at Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Mayflower Ancestors This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. On this day, we remember the many brave immigrants who persevered in the face of hardships to create a better life for themselves and their descendants. All Americans owe thanks to their ancestors, whether they arrived on the Mayflower or in the centuries thereafter. This is an excellent week to spend a bit of time researching your immigrant ancestors, regardless of their arrival date.

While 102 souls arrived in Plimoth in 1620, nearly half of them died the first winter …

See the rest of the article at:

I could not have said it better myself, if I had wanted to.  I don’t understand way  family members midigate him as if he were something small.  He had an incrediable impact on this country, as did many, many people.  His presense is no less important than say, John Alden.  And the line is proven, in terms of those on my Rowe lineage.  I am very proud of who I am, and where I come from, for I would not be who I am today, without all of this history.  It’s even cool that I am fairly  closely related to Richard Gere, through this same ancestor…. wow..Oh, Hey Richard, um, we are 10th Cousins!  (nothing removed)

Heh, heh…

Other interesting articles or websites on the Pilgrims, or My Ancestor Richard Warren


homepages.rootsweb.com/ ~sam/rwarren.html

members.aol.com/ calebj/warren.html


My Particular Line:

Generation No. 1


R ICHARD 3 W ARREN (C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1579 in London, England, and died 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma. He married E LIZABETH 14 Apr 1610 in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England, daughter of A UGUSTINE WALKER. She was born Abt. 1580 in England, and died 02 Oct 1673 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma.

Children of R ICHARD W ARREN and E LIZABETH are:
2. i. M ARY 4 W ARREN , b. Abt. 1610, England; d. 27 Mar 1683, Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma

Generation 2

M ARY 4 W ARREN (R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1610 in England, and died 27 Mar 1683 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma. She married R OBERT B ARTLETT Aft. 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma, son of R OBERT B ARTLETT and A LICE B ARKER . He was born 27 May 1603 in Puddletown, Dorsetshire, England, and died Abt. 19 Sep 1676 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma.

Children of M ARY W ARREN and R OBERT B ARTLETT are:
3. ii. M ARY B ARTLETT , b. Abt. 1634, Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma; d. 26 Sep 1692, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Generation No. 3


M ARY 5 B ARTLETT (M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1634 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma, and died 26 Sep 1692 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. She married (1) R ICHARD F OSTER 10 Sep 1651. He was born in England, and died 1657 in Plymouth, Ma. She married (2) J OHNATHAN M OREY 08 Jul 1659 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, son of R OGER M OREY and M ARY J OHNSON . He was born Abt. 1633 in Salem, MA, and died 19 May 1708 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Children of M ARY B ARTLETT and J OHNATHAN M OREY are:
4. v. H ANNAH M OREY , b. Abt. 1673; d. 1729, Rochester, Plymouth, MA.

Generation No. 4


H ANNAH 6 M OREY (M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1673, and died 1729 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA. She married J UNIOR J OHN B UMPAS 1694, son of J OHN B UMPUS and S ARAH H UNTER . He was born 28 Sep 1673 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA, and died 22 Jun 1762 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA.

Children of H ANNAH M OREY and J OHN B UMPAS are:
5. iii. J OHN B UMPAS , b. 17 Jul 1698, Rochester, MA; d. 22 Jun 1763, Wareham, MA.

Generation No. 5


J OHN 7 B UMPAS (H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 17 Jul 1698 in Rochester, MA, and died 22 Jun 1763 in Wareham, MA. He married R EBECCA H UNTER 20 Jun 1723 in Rochester, MA, daughter of W ILLIAM H UNTER and R EBECCA B EESE . She was born Abt. 1698, and died Aft. 1763.

Children of J OHN B UMPAS and R EBECCA H UNTER are:
6. i. Z EPHANNIAH 8 B UMPAS , b. 1725, Rochester, Plymouth, MA.

Generation 06

Z EPHANNIAH 8 B UMPAS (J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1725 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA. He married T HANKFUL G IBBS 22 Mar 1753 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, daughter of M ICAH G IBBS and S ARAH S ANDERS . She was born 06 Mar 1732/33 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, and died 28 May 1793 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA.

7. i. J OHN 9 B UMPAS , b. 15 Oct 1763, Wareham, Plymouth, MA; d. 09 Oct 1848, Hebron, Oxford, Maine.

Generation No.  7.

J OHN 9 B UMPAS (Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 15 Oct 1763 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, and died 09 Oct 1848 in Hebron, Oxford, Maine. He married M ARY B URGESS 27 Jun 1787 in New Gloucester, Cumberland, ME. She was born 1768 in Shepardsfield, ME, and died 27 Nov 1842 in Hebron, Oxford, Maine.

Children of J OHN B UMPAS and M ARY B URGESS are:
8. iii. O LIVE B UMPAS , b. 1791, Bingham, Maine; d. Bef. 1880.

Generation No. 8

O LIVE 10 B UMPAS (J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1791 in Bingham, Maine, and died Bef. 1880. She married (1) S ILAS DOAR Dec 1813 in Civil, Dixfield, Oxford, Maine. She married (2) II G EORGE R OWE 01 Oct 1816 in Moscow, Somerset, Maine, son of G EORGE R OWE . He was born Abt. 1790 in Bingham, Maine, and died Abt. 1855 in Moscow, Somerset, Maine.

Children of O LIVE B UMPAS and G EORGE R OWE are:
17. viii. A LDEN B . R OWE , b. 27 Apr 1830, Pleasant Ridge, Somerset County, Maine; d. 07 Jun 1926, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

17. A LDEN B . 11 R OWE (O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 27 Apr 1830 in Pleasant Ridge, Somerset County, Maine, and died 07 Jun 1926 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. He married V ESTA V ICTORIA W ILLIAMS 24 Oct 1862 in Moscow, Somerset County, Maine, daughter of O TIS W ILLIAMS and M ARTHA S OMERBY . She was born 24 Oct 1844 in Somerset County, Maine, and died 18 Dec 1904 in at home, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon.

Children of A LDEN R OWE and V ESTA W ILLIAMS are:
26. v. A LFRED B . R OWE , b. 20 Feb 1872, Challange Mill, Yuba County, Ca; d. 22 Jan 1937, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

Generation No. 10


A LFRED B . 12 R OWE (A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 20 Feb 1872 in Challange Mill, Yuba County, Ca, and died 22 Jan 1937 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. He married E MILY C ECELIA N ELSON 12 Jun 1903 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, daughter of C HRESTON N IELSEN and C ECELIA E SKELSON . She was born 26 Jan 1885 in Clarks Grove Farm, Bath Township, Freeborn County, MINN/Clarks Grove, Faribault Co., MN, and died 04 May 1962 in Douglas County, OR.

Children of A LFRED R OWE and E MILY N ELSON are:
34. iv. O RVIN E ARL R OWE , b. 21 Sep 1910, Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon; d. 27 Dec 1964, Silverton, Marion County, OR.

Generation No. 11

4. O RVIN E ARL 13 R OWE (A LFRED B . 12, A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 21 Sep 1910 in Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, and died 27 Dec 1964 in Silverton, Marion County, OR. He married (1) P EARL . He married (2) HATTIE VAN EPPS. He married (3) L ILLIE M ARIE M C C LASKEY 18 Mar 1939, daughter of J OHN M CCLASKEY and C ORDELIA S TUART . She was born 09 Nov 1919 in Matheson, Elbert County, Colorado, and died 14 Feb 1998 in Silverton, Marion, Oregon.

Children of O RVIN R OWE and L ILLIE M C C LASKEY are:
44. ii. A LVIN C ECIL R OWE , b. 14 Sep 1940, Silverton, Marion County, OR; d. 23 Aug 1983, Silverton, Marion County, OR.

Generation No. 12

44. A LVIN C ECIL 14 R OWE (O RVIN E ARL 13, A LFRED B . 12, A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 14 Sep 1940 in Silverton, Marion County, OR, and died 23 Aug 1983 in Silverton, Marion County, OR. He married (2) J OAN E NGLISH . He married (1) P ATRICIA L ORINE C OOP 23 Jun 1961 in 1711 D Street, Hayward, Alameda County, CA, daughter of E ARL C OOP and H AZEL V AN Z ANDT . She was born 09 Sep 1939 in St. Mary’s Hosp., San Francisco, San Francisco Co.,CA.

Children of A LVIN R OWE and P ATRICIA C OOP are:
57. i. P EGGY A NN 15 R OWE , b. 23 Apr 1962, Castro Valley, Alameda County, Ca.

Love, Hugs, & Chocolate to you!