Yanks, Rebs, & Doodlebugs!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Hey this is fun!!! Find out if you are a yank or a reb! I am 46% yank (barely there according to them).  Which did kind of shock me, I have a very small amount of ancestors from the southern part of the country.   I also got a big kick out of this page, because it has a link to the “infamous” doodlebug! Which it turns out is REAL!! My grandpa and us kids, called the doodle bug out to visit when we went out for walks to the back pasture on their farm in Woodburn, Oregon.  My EX husband made it quite clear that there was NO such thing as a doodle bug and that my grandpa (Earl Otho Coop) was pulling my leg.  I am soooooooo happy that my EX was wrong!!  Goes to show, again, he don’t know as much as he thinks.  If anyone happens to have his email address, I’d love for this to reach his desk!!!


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