“Joie de Vivre”


I have had so many people the past few days ask me what this means: “Joie de Vivre” .

I save… snippets of things I like on my computer.  I have dozens of these things.  I have three favorites, that mean something to me especially.

Joie de Vivre is French for  “Joy of Life”

One of my motto’s in life, is to just ENJOY it! We only go around once so far as I know.  I mean, I hope there is a God, and heaven and I get another shot. But, what if there isn’t, shouldn’t I make the most of it while I am here?

I stop to smell the roses, I try to remember to enjoy my kids (even if they are driving absoutely nuts!),  counting my blessings (my house is such a wreck, but, hey it’s MINE).

It’s in my tagline on the bottom of my emails along with “my” other two mottos in life.  It is there to remind me to always enjoy my life.

:0) Love to you all, Peggy

P.S. I took the barn picture was taken a few years ago. It is fairly close to the Sonoma County/Mendocino County line on Highway 128, outside of Cloverdale, CA.


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