Using a Blog to get Job!

1e92I never thought until today, that I could use this as a medium to say, I WANT A JOB!  Image

I’d prefer to stay at home and continue to work on websites and work on people’s computers as I have done for roughly the past 10 years or so.

Maybe I’ll post a resume later! But for now here’s some of my website work:

My personal website (which gets very little attention):

I have others that are archived on CD, that I can send you for more examples of my work.  I did all graphics on all sites.  I am a graphic artist, do simple websites (meaning I use classic structure, etc), and I am a certified Systems Specialist (Santa Rosa Junior College).  I am certified in Adobe Photoshop as well.  I tutor, do research via internet for pay (I once looked for a “show cow” for a client, imagine getting 50 an hour for that one!).  Oh yeah, I usually make 50 an hour/35 an hour when working with Seniors!

:0) Peg

P.S. that graphic above this blog, I made. I am proud of it.  I think it is one of my best.  The big baby in the middle is ME… Then all around from the bottom left to right and round: Me, My baby girl Diane (now 7 years old), My paternal Grandfather, Orvin Earl Rowe, My dad as a baby, my son (now almost 15), above my son, is My maternal great grandparents, Thomas Willard & Daisy Viola Hall Coop, to the left of them is Daisy’s Mother and children, Mary VanAtta Hall, to the left of Mary is my oldest daughter at about 16 years of age, and last but not least, the side view of the woman in the baby’s face is my paternal great grandmother, Vesta Victoria Williams Rowe.  This graphic has been used by professor(s) at the University level to show that one can break the rules (of mainstream graphic stuff) and still make a great graphic!

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