The Love of My Life

Clyde Leon Snyder in 2004

Clyde Leon Snyder in 2004

Here ya go, Leola, here is a picture of my hubster! Clyde Snyder is his name… I love him cause he is a manly man, and yet soft spoken and gentle. He is open, honest, and respectful of those around him. He is kind to kids and animals. (no small thing with all I have been through) He’s no dummy when it comes to common sense, and whatever you do don’t get him going on Politics unless you really want a good discussion. Hahaha!! He does now how to “agree to disagree”. That is pretty much how we solve our disagreements. Not that we’ve had any. We did have our first fight last month though! Whew… get too hard heads who want to get along into the same room and it’s quite an interesting show…

He knows all my faults and loves me anyways. I don’t know… I just find him terribly handsome and irresistable, so I suppose I’m madly in love… and I know that I have never felt so accepted and loved by a man before. There was always some kind of catch, or something I didn’t do good enough, or right enough for the others. This one thinks I am just right the way I am. I find that very comforting.

So, there is a picture of my Clyde…. the one who makes my heart go pitter patter at age 43!  xoxoxoxo, Peg

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