Butterfly Haven

6116Last Saturday (June 2) Clyde and I pretended we were mountain goats again. We followed a logging road up West Fork Creek. He is looking for the elusive creek where the big nugget lies… and I am pretty much along for the ride.. cause it’s fun! LOL.

We got five miles down this road before there were big logs that had fallen down blocked our way…so we got out of the jeep and hiked another mile or so. I wore the wrong shoes for such a trip. I thought we were going to the creek to get wet and wore my flip flops! But, along the way we saw what he thought was bear dung…so I was happy he was carrying his 45.

It was awful pretty up there…I really didn’t want to turn back, I was just getting warmed up, in terms of exercise. But, he was on call, and had to be back within cell phone reach before 3. He was taking chances being out of cell phone reach as a matter of fact. lol.

I almost always take a camera with me now, no matter where we go… sometimes, I’m too lazy to take it out. Sometimes, I don’t get good photos… but, on the way down, we stopped by the creek so he could “shoot” for gold with his little electroscope, and when I got out, I saw one Swallow Tail Butterfly. Well, one good shot of a butterfly with my camera would well be worth me getting it out of the jeep for… so I got out the camera, and planted myself on the shore of the creek…

As I was observing this butterfly I realized there were other kinds of butterflies…soon, I realized I must have been in some butterfly haven… either they just hatched, or they were mating..I don’t know. But, I sat down and kept still and before long I was easily able to count a dozen Swallow Tails..

and I got to thinking…. and you know, I could be wrong. LOL, but, you know how God gave us a rainbow to be a promise…
The rainbow is a symbol of God’s Promise to mankind…. and well, it’s a symbol mankind can understand I suppose. I think everything we see, touch, feel, taste, and hear is part of the promise…. it’s all glorious… I think these butterfly’s are part of the deal. ya, I know, not a well thought out theory…

Anyways, I got some photos, none of them are fantastic… but they are here, I hope you enjoy!!! Love& hugs, peg

http://i192.photobucke t.com/albums/z177/pegrowe62/butterflies%202007/group2.jpg



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