My Newest Rant

Mental Illness, Drugs, and **MY** Kid!

My open letter to representatives.  This was sent to Federal, State, and County levels, including the local District Attorney! It also went to committee members of the Oregon State Legislature where we live.

Part I:

Part II:


A story about a lovely little boy who grew up  bi polar w/psychosis (mental illness). He struggles with the voices, & psychosis nearly every single day of his life.  A story about a mom who loves him, and yet, must walk a line of keeping herself, the family, the son,  & society in general safe; them safe from him, him safe from them! A story about a system that gave a lot of genuinely great helpers and yet sadly, so far hasn’t helped much in the long run. Once the child becomes an adult, the helping ends, and legal powers that parents might have had to help the young adult make better decisions in life run out.  The end result can be a violent and disastrous end.  Bi polar w/psychosis is a serious mental illness, that can be a lifelong endurance test for the sufferer, and those within their circle.

This is installment #1


A man also from our general area of the world -who should never be going to jail, as he was “out of touch” when this happened.


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