Old News…Confirmed

So the old news, that my ex husband was capable of incest has turned out to be a really good guess.  His 2nd ex wife (he now has 3)–said that our sister in law admitted to her that he had indeed raped her.

I had put the pieces together in 1994.  I asked him about it and he denied it.  I never did believe him, but I never had the confirmation until today.

So, once I was married to a monster.  Together we made little baby monsters who grew up and are leaving a swath of damage behind them as they go.

I can not apologize enough to the world for the badness that I have given this world.  All I can say is at the time I did not know what I was married to and what I was creating.

I have since chosen a better life. I chose to be a good person. I chose constantly to do the right thing.  At least that is my goal in life to be a good person, to never purposely hurt others,  to never even on accident hurt others.

Where we will take this in the long run I do not know.  All I know is that I am sorry.  Of course, I was not around when this abuse happened, I could not have protected her as a girl– I simply was not in the same state.  I sure would have listened to her and now can completely see the pain that she was dealing with ALL BY HERSELF because he could do no wrong in his mother’s eye–she didn’t even have a mother’s comfort.

I am truly sorry for what happened in your life that made it so incredibly tough. Lyvonne, I remember you telling me that you were so angry over something and that you were going to get back at him.  I hope you can see that karma is a bitch.  Three divorces later, and it’s obvious that he is not a happy man, and he does not leave a happy wife behind.  He is a miserable monster.  I hope you have found peace.  I am sending you hugs.



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