April 27, 2017

Victoria, Just a short note:

Something that I somehow left out of previous notes:   Of the things that I requested from you for us to talk again, I failed to mention that we were only requiring that you change your behavior in OUR HOME.  We won’t go into your home and expect you to change (though if you had any real respect and love for us you would).  I do not expect you to change your ways in any public place or anything like that.  We simply will never go into your house, or any public place where you are and be where you can abuse us, which is all I am trying to control.  You, nor anyone else in this world, are going to abuse us, period.  If I give in on this now, then you’ll run roughshod over us the rest of our life and it’s just not going to happen.  I’m not interested in your opinions, I don’t need an apology, this is how it is, it’s how it is going to be in our home, and if you don’t like it, well, tough shit.

Someday when you are getting older and someone disrespects you or someone you love, and you feel the need the stand up and be heard—you will understand.

So, in that light— We both got the message that you would show up to the hospital when Clyde is dying.  The answer to that is NO, you will NOT.

Our message to you—Clyde and I, together:   Is that if you cannot be a part of our normal everyday life, then there is NO reason for you to show up when either of us is dying.  As long as this is going on as it is, YOU WILL stay away from both of us at any hospital regardless of our health status, even if we are dying.     I simply will not tolerate abuse, and that is what baiting is, it is abuse. You are not treating us like family, therefore, you will not be allowed in this process like family.

Diane & the rest of the family have been instructed to not let you know of our health status until further notice.  My feeling is that while I will always be your mother, and you will always be my daughter, that this is the 100% complete end of any sort of meaningful relationship.

You really need to get your head out of your ass, and grow up.  Just so you know!

Our wills will be notarized and filed with the court within days.  You will NOT receive a copy.  Simply stated, you have no responsibilities in the matter at all to worry about and you will not need a copy.  You will be notified at the appropriate time of any inheritance you might receive.

Do not answer this.
I will not read anything that will make the situation worse or will hurt us.
Your letters, so far, have gone into the garbage

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