For June 2, 2017, my graduate, & youngest girl…

May 20, 2017


So in less than two weeks you will be a high school graduate.  I am hoping that your little graduation present gets here in time.
I’m writing this letter for you so that you can get the little ‘bump’ you need to send you out into the world and make it big—but make it big in your way and in the process making YOUR dreams come true.
I bought a CD for you today.  There are two songs there that are the reason why I bought what I bought.  There are two songs that are my personal gift and message for you.

My Wish

 I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you wanna go,
And if you’re faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin’ till you find the window,
If it’s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile.
But more than anything, more than anything

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

     Suppose it could be said better-but, when you are in doubt just remember that at least your mom is cheering you on.  I realize that I have made a lot of mistakes.  I’ve realized that being a mom to one child doesn’t make you good mom to all kids.  My weaknesses with my oldest were sometimes still my weakness, and sometimes by the time I got to you, I had a whole new set of weaknesses.  No matter how poorly I have said, “I love you.”  Know that I always have, & that my dreams for you were always big, even if I couldn’t provide you with a great jumping off pad.
There will be times when I still have to be a ‘mom’.  Unfortunately, that is just the rules for engagement between you and I.  But, I am hoping that we can always talk about any problems we have and work them out.    The thing that I am really best at and can still do for you, is to be your cheerleader.    And I always will be that.   And I want all the same things for you as I ever wanted for the other three:

  1. Be Happy. Be Healthy.  3. Follow your Dreams. 4. Don’t hurt others.

That last one is the hardest one for me.  That’s the one I choke on.  It’s the only one that can ever get between you and I.  It’s really important to me because so many people have worked so hard hurt those around me.  I’ve lived the fall out; I’ve seen the emotional devastation.   That is where I draw my line in the sand.

But, having said that I cannot imagine you hurting someone on purpose, for the sake of fun or anything else.  You are a really good person. The one kid who actually turned out the way I hoped all my kids would.  I see a happy life for you.  That is not to say you won’t hit bumps.    Sometimes those bumps really hurt.  Sometimes the days will get really dark.  It’s just how life goes sometimes.  Light a candle, say a prayer, take some really deep breaths, take a long bath, listen to music, paint, and call your mom.

One thing to remember is even when you feel really, really alone, the truth is that you are not.  You have friends and family who love you and want the best for you.  Even if all they can give you is a hug, and probably that’s all you’d need anyhow to be able to get out there and face the world again.


You feel like a candle in a hurricane
Just like a picture with a broken frame
Alone and helpless
Like you’ve lost your fight
But you’ll be alright, you’ll be alright

‘Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what you’re made of
You might bend, ’til you break
‘Cause it’s all you can take
On your knees you look up
Decide you’ve had enough
You get mad, you get strong
Wipe your hands, shake it off
Then you stand…

You come from a LONG LINE of really tough people.  Not perfect people….just really tough people. People who have faced all kinds of situations—starvation, witch hunts, wild bears, wars, homelessness, extreme cold, rape, molest, abuse.  Each one not only survived but succeeded in some way, or else YOU would not be on this earth today.  Each of us alive today on this earth can believe this because it’s true!  And, it is all the more of a reason to celebrate YOU!
You have been handed the gift of life.  Each person in your life is a gift.  Maybe there will be times when you can’t see it, but EVERYONE who crosses your path will share something with you, even if all it is ‘just’ a smile.  It might be a small or a great gift: wisdom, fact, love, a hug, a meal, a theory, maybe someday a child.   Never take it for granted.  There might be a billion of us here on earth, but there is only one me and only one you!!  That makes us special. It makes being your mom special!

Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.  Thank you for the GIFT of being YOU!!
I do LOVE YOU!!!  & I always will!!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


My VanZandt Roots, These are *MY* People!

Mabel Parset VanZandt Swalls, Delphia Ann VanZandt-York-Stewart, nee Jones, and Thomas Jesse ‘Jess’ VanZandt.  Mabel & Jess are my maternal grandmothers full blooded siblings.  This photo was probably taken months before Uncle Jess died due to an accident Old Ben #8 in Ziegler, Franklin Co., Illinois.

Mabel Parset VanZandt Swalls, Delphia Ann VanZandt-York-Stewart, nee Jones, and Thomas Jesse ‘Jess’ VanZandt. Mabel & Jess are my maternal grandmothers full blooded siblings. This photo was probably taken months before Uncle Jess died due to an accident Old Ben #8 in Ziegler, Franklin Co., Illinois.

A DNA test recently proved my great grandmother told a not so small fib to my maternal grandmother.  I know this happened because I was old enough to remember and young enough to have been affected by my grandmother’s tears over being cheated out of her heritage.  Of course, by the time this transpired, the men involved were gone, and had nothing to say about the whole thing.

I can only speculate just why my great grandmother (Delphia Ann VanZandt York Stewart nee Jones, daughter of Jesse Franklin Jones and wife, Susan Ann Aiken/Eaken)  would do such a thing to my grandmother (Hazel Lorine VanZandt Coop).  That is, tell her own daughter that the father she grew up knowing was NOT her father at all.  My grandmother, probably in her early 50’s was forced to entertain the fact that  my great grandmother’s 2nd husband,  John York was her true father.  The first husband was Ulysses Grant Welch VanZandt and he was the father named on the birth certificate.

After watching Roots in 1976 with my parents I began my adventure into genealogy and it didn’t take me more than a couple of years to ask my grandmother about my heritage. She could only say she didn’t know her father very well.  I don’t remember the timing now, but there can be no doubt I did not have a great sense of timing.  She was a great sport, she wrote and told me as much as she knew [Or at least as much as she was comfortable telling a young teenaged girl].  She sent a handwritten page or two.  And I have since spent a great deal of time since asking, begging, searching for any and everything possible that I could find to do to trace John York’s line.  To get to know, John York.  Not an easy feat, I’ve never seen a photo, and he doesn’t even have a headstone.

Fast forward to 2015, I spit into the little bottle and sent it off to Ancestry.  And over the past year or so I’ve watched my paper trail be proved over and over again.  About two months ago, it suddenly dawned on me, why are there no Gulley DNA Circles? No Pedigo DNA Circles?  Not one York DNA circle   Why do I not match with a Hudson line???  And as if the powers that be were involved, it brought on the next bits of information slowly so that I would have time to take it all in and ‘get over’ the shock of finding out that John York is NOT my great grandfather.  In all honesty, I’m still in the middle of that part.

Now, DNA has not yet 100% proved the VanZandt line.  But, I think probably, the truth is the paper trail has not yet caught up with the DNA truths.

Rewind a just a few years, a nice man named Sheldon Jones in Illinois did a look up for me and pointed out that the man I knew as Ulysses Grant VanZandt was actually born with the name of Ulysses Grant Welch.  Son of Thomas J. Welch and Parathena Parthany VanZandt.  His parents were wed when he was born, he was a legitimate son.  But, sometime in his very late teens, or very early adulthood Grant and his brother, Causey ditched the Welch name and took their mother’s maiden name of VanZandt.  And Thomas J. was no more to be seen in the record after that. A nasty divorce maybe??  Wow, maybe they run in the family??!!  Really, don’t ask me why, I haven’t figured that out yet.  I’ll probably never know.  And it’s not that I look for dirt on people, but believe me, I’ve turned Thomas J. Welch over and over again!!!  Found absolutely nothing, so far.

So, the only other thing to do is to study history and see how the family fits in right?
My great grandparents were born just after the family feud in the area that lead to the days known as the “Bloody Vendetta”, and yes, that is the area of Illinois they grew up in.  Then comes the famous coal mine strikes in Williamson County, that time in history is refeered to as “Bloody Williamson” (See book by Paul Angle).  My Aunt Mabel’s husband, Uncle Jim (James Swalls), was old enough to be a witness those atrocities.  It’s good and bad that he was so young.  He didn’t get sucked into the mess (I think, I hope), but can you imagine witnessing such gross abuses against human souls and live your life into old age without the help of therapy?  Oh my,  I bet his nightmares were hell!!!  Of course, they were there when the Ku Klux Klan were in power.  Do we need more?? Well, maybe.  Turns out a VanZandt cousin was involved with the Birger (Sheldon/Birger Gang(s) Fame: It’s Prohibition time and there are moonshine runners, prostitution kings, and proprietors of violence a la carte. Think Sheldon gang? Think first aerial bombing on the USA’s mainland, and how it must have devastated Charlie Birger and his group).  Look up a photo, looks like Ralph VanZandt is in more than one.

Sometime around 2004, I wrote a York cousin (remember I thought he was a cousin still) and asked him for stories and pictures of my great grandmother.  He told me to leave great grandma lie.  He basically handed me the York line on a silver platter.  I really was very, very thankful.  I knew nothing about my York line.  As I studied it I proudly got myself and my children entry to the Pedigo Family Association.  Who could not be proud of that Hudson Line, along with the York’ folks who stayed in Tennessee and those who came west and started a town in Sonoma County, CA.  Can you imagine the name??  Yorkville!!  Really??!!! Really!!! [At the time this information came to light, I was living a quick 15 minute drive from Yorkville, and a 30 to 45 miles from Healdsburg, to be mentioned next.][Yet another aside, I’m also related to the founders of Healdsburg, Sonoma, CA–on my paternal side!]

I was pretty proud of my people!

And then, I started getting dropped into these Welch DNA circles at Ancestry.  I download my RAW DNA file and upload to…  and the same things happen.  The Welch DNA match is backed up.  I’ve only contacted a couple of Welch relatives.  Not one has written me back.  I figure I descend from some illegitimate child somewhere., and I’ll probably never know who, unless my paper trail catches up.

My York cousin, who is not a cousin at all, other than the few years my grandmother lived with the York boys and their father, that is the only connection we really have.  That and maybe one of them knew what Great Grandma was up to.  I think he had a clue, and he took it to his grave.  When I would not quit asking for stories and photos of great grandma, this ‘cousin’ called my mother’s brother, and asked him to talk to me, and ask me to quit looking at a great granny.

Really??  Am I not my great grandmother’s great grand daughter? She was known to be tough, tough, tough, and well, tough!  LOL!!  The long story short is that no one tells me no anymore.  My uncle did his family duty, if he knew what was up he took the details to his grave too.  But, he did tell me that there was a family feud where people on both sides died, and our family was somehow involved.  And that my cousin in Tennessee was very afraid I’d find out about it, knowing that I love to write, which has never been a secret, he was afraid I’d put it all on the internet and get the feud going again.  People are gonna die in 2004? From a feud that could easily be at least 100 years old??

Really?  I think not.

I’m not trying to be rude towards you, Hillious York [Deceased], but Great Grandma is long gone, except probably in my imagination.  And I’m still here putting pieces together.
That connection to Sargent Alvin C. York is long gone.  Dang it, there goes my chance at being a Cherokee Princess too!  Today, I’m kind of looking for my people!!  I don’t think for a moment that granny enjoyed putting her daughter into that place, and I think it was the only form of protection she felt she had at the moment.  Or maybe it was just another tall tale.  She claimed her name was Philadephia and that she was given that name because she was born right there in Philadephia Harbor as her Irish folks came over to America.  She did tell some good ones, but I can not believe that she was out to hurt anyone.

Delphia Ann Jones daughter of Jesse Franklin Jones and Susan Aiken/Eakin.  The Jones’ had been in America for generations.  Susan is of Irish descent and no doubt a big piece of my 25% Irish rooted DNA. I am sure that through her, I’ll find the kernel of truth in the ‘Philadelphia’ story.    Jesse’s’ parents William ‘Buck’ Jones and Milberry Marlow both came from the same part of the country as the Welch’s and their kinfolk- Virginia and North Carolina.  Ever watch the Waltons??  Remember the trips to Mt. Airy? And I thought it was just a story! I have roots in those Blue Ridge Mountains that I used to gaze at from a segment of Highway 52 in Ohio!  I did feel the pull, I knew I needed to go there, back in 1985ish.

Delphia’s Obit from 1974.  She died pretty close to where she was born. Born in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois.

Delphia’s Obit from 1974. She died pretty close to where she was born. Born in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois.

If you have read this far, you are truly a glutton for punishment.  LOL!! Here let me feed you some more.

[insert music here, cue up Rodney Atkins]



[cue in whiny Peggy.] Sometimes when you are as heavily into genealogy as I am, you really do feel like you are chasing ghosts. When there is very little to no information out there to bring our folks to life, I at least, get sad. I want to know *my* people, they are where I come from and it is they who make me who I am. I’d often heard my grandmother (maternal) talk about her big brother, Jess (Thomas Jess VanZandt). There was real love and admiration there. Of course, I didn’t know by the time I was around he was gone. And all I had for the longest time was just the memories of hearing grandma talk about him. Which is why you feel like you are chasing ghosts….if they lived where are the records?? Today (March 14, 2015 Just after Uncle Tom’s Birthday, Thank You, Uncle Tommy], I finally found a couple of newspaper articles. My mom’s brother had told me that Uncle Jess was a hero when he died. That he’d saved a couple of other coal miners. Not sure it’s true, but don’t think my uncle would intentionally lie either. It’s pretty silly being so happy to find ‘proof’ of a person I never even met. But, I finally have found something. I’m really thankful. An educated guess that the man in the photo below is my Great Uncle Jess. My Aunt Mabel on the left, my great grandmother in the middle: Delphia Ann Jones (VanZandt, York, Stewart) (NOTE: POSTED TO FACEBOOK: 3/14/2016)

SIDENOTE: COUSIN, HILLOUS YORK, You were so prophetic, 12 years later, I am putting it on the internet.  Not to spite you, or anyone in the family.  Instead because I want to find more of my people, and know more about my people, the same thing I asked for originally when a few stories about great grandma and a few pictures of great grandma would have sufficed.  Thank you, to my Uncle Tom Coop, for lending me my grandmother’s photo albums before handing them over to my mother, and for telling me a couple of stories.  None of which I am sure is accurate, but are great stories anyhow.

My mother’s brother, Uncle Tom (Named probably for Thomas Jess VanZandt, who was named for Jesse Franklin Jones & after, Thomas Williard Coop, my maternal grandfather’s father)  Uncle Tom told me that Delphia Ann Jones was probably married at least 5-6 times.  I’ve found evidence of three marriages, with absolute proof of NONE.

Delphia Ann Jones was ‘orphaned’ when she was a girl.  Her parents died very young, first Jesse Jones, and then Susan Jones.  Turns out she was ‘orphaned’ at damn near 20 years old.  Her neighbors, the VanZandt’s took her in.  She’s found in the census of 1920, in their household as a ‘servant’.  Ulysses Grant VanZandt was a widower (first wife, Etta Davis), and well into his 30’s at the time, and it wasn’t long before the babies started coming.  Marriage must have seemed pretty inevitable at some point.  Only those intimately involved will truly know if love existed, but, man what a story!!  At this point, it has to be enough for someone, maybe even me! Except that I really want that paper trail to catch up with the DNA evidence.

Delphia murdered at least a couple people.  These are the best stories. One I’d remembered over hearing as a kid, so I know something happened, we’ll probably never
know the exact truth.  But murder #1: Was a drunk man trying to enter her house uninvited.  I can see it, I’ve been known to hurt people for inviting themselves in drunk.  I kicked her a** right out my door!!!

Murder #2:  Delphia was a cook, and my grandmother (Hazel Lorine VanZandt) a waitress at a restaurant somewhere there in Illinois.  A truck driver came in to eat and decided he liked the looks of my grandmother (seems pretty typical of the male species).  Apparently he couldn’t keep his hands off.  My great grandmother warned him off.  He tested, and lost.  Being a mother of four kids, three of them girls.  Oh yea, I can see this, specially considering the times that they lived in!

Uncle Thomas Jesse ‘Jess’ VanZandt’s Obit

Uncle Thomas Jesse ‘Jess’ VanZandt’s Obit

The above article tells about my Uncle Jess, but not really near enough.  He died very young, at 35 years old.  He was a veteran of  WWII, and a Sea Bee.  He died in 1951 in Old Ben #8.  It seems to me the 50’s must have been a horrible decade for my grandmother and her family.  In that decade several family members died.

Oren Ervin VanZandts’ Car

Oren Ervin VanZandts’ Car

Oren Ervin VanZandt was my grandmother’s 1/2 older brother.  His parents Ulysses Grant Welch (VanZandt) and Etta Davis.  Oren hit a soft spot on the shoulder and lost control of his car.  He killed a woman in the process of the whole thing.  He ended up with a broken neck.  I’ve yet to find his obit, but, he died just about 14 months later, aged 55.  And way too young.  Photo from the Southern Illinoisan Newspaper, March 29, 1952.

Soon, more to come!  Now to add just tidbits of this to FindAGrave.  A girl’s job is NEVER done!! 😈   😆 Oh, um, could you pass me some of that sweet potato pie?  I think I should probably try it after all! Thank ya!   😉

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VanAtta video

My cousin made this video, and it is very good. Anyone with the Vanatta surname in their background really wants to see this!! Variations on the name include: VanEtten (the original form), Vanattor, VanAtter, Vannatta, etc. The name has been convoluted a lot over the years, but if you have one of those names, congratulations, you are related to me!! Hehehe!!! ~P.A.R.S

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

My Second Cousin, Don Bovee

Don Bovee in this article is a first cousin to my dad, Alvin C. Rowe.

I found this article at:

Gleaner Online

Milo Takes to the Air Waves

Two years ago Ron Myers, European Broadcasting Services manager, offered Milo Adventist Academy the opportunity to have an on-campus radio station by providing the technology and equipment for satellite uplink and transmission. Then-principal John Kriegelstein realized the potential and applied for a frequency. Don Bovee, campus industry Thunderbird Wood Products plant manager, also volunteered to help. After almost a year, the application was approved. Last summer, the local sponsors were given 18 months to get it on the air and before the deadline, 107.9 FM was broadcasting within a 20-mile radius of the school. The start-up phase consists mostly of music. Later, the music content will be reduced to 30 or 40 percent as Voice of Prophecy, Faith for Today and other programs are added. The station’s music is conservative and sacred, with the target audience being age 30 and older. Already, at least 10 students have had their voices recorded for the station. Bovee is also planning a student-produced weekly program. The students will continue to be included in many ways. One 30-minute time block each day will provide time for students and staff members to promote Milo Adventist Academy, increase awareness of the school and reveal its beliefs to the community. Though the station has only been broadcasting for a few months, it is already making an impact. Marge Wheeler, affectionately called the “Mayor of Milo,” commented, “It’s a good station. I really appreciate having it. It’s great!” She prizes having a Christian station because she doesn’t have access to 3ABN. Although Myers resides in France, he has family living near Milo and continues to support the station. He produces much of the programming overseas and sends it to Oregon via satellite. Milo’s station is Myers’ sixth at a boarding academy. Students and staff appreciate your prayers as they minister through this new instrument of evangelism. Katie Currier, MAA sophomore

Yanks, Rebs, & Doodlebugs!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Doodle up, Doodle up!!

Hey this is fun!!! Find out if you are a yank or a reb! I am 46% yank (barely there according to them).  Which did kind of shock me, I have a very small amount of ancestors from the southern part of the country.   I also got a big kick out of this page, because it has a link to the “infamous” doodlebug! Which it turns out is REAL!! My grandpa and us kids, called the doodle bug out to visit when we went out for walks to the back pasture on their farm in Woodburn, Oregon.  My EX husband made it quite clear that there was NO such thing as a doodle bug and that my grandpa (Earl Otho Coop) was pulling my leg.  I am soooooooo happy that my EX was wrong!!  Goes to show, again, he don’t know as much as he thinks.  If anyone happens to have his email address, I’d love for this to reach his desk!!!

Pilgrim Richard Warren, My 10th Great Grandfather

a768In an email to,  David Sylvester [] said:

“Here is an article I found at Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Mayflower Ancestors This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. On this day, we remember the many brave immigrants who persevered in the face of hardships to create a better life for themselves and their descendants. All Americans owe thanks to their ancestors, whether they arrived on the Mayflower or in the centuries thereafter. This is an excellent week to spend a bit of time researching your immigrant ancestors, regardless of their arrival date.

While 102 souls arrived in Plimoth in 1620, nearly half of them died the first winter …

See the rest of the article at:

I could not have said it better myself, if I had wanted to.  I don’t understand way  family members midigate him as if he were something small.  He had an incrediable impact on this country, as did many, many people.  His presense is no less important than say, John Alden.  And the line is proven, in terms of those on my Rowe lineage.  I am very proud of who I am, and where I come from, for I would not be who I am today, without all of this history.  It’s even cool that I am fairly  closely related to Richard Gere, through this same ancestor…. wow..Oh, Hey Richard, um, we are 10th Cousins!  (nothing removed)

Heh, heh…

Other interesting articles or websites on the Pilgrims, or My Ancestor Richard Warren ~sam/rwarren.html calebj/warren.html

My Particular Line:

Generation No. 1


R ICHARD 3 W ARREN (C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1579 in London, England, and died 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma. He married E LIZABETH 14 Apr 1610 in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England, daughter of A UGUSTINE WALKER. She was born Abt. 1580 in England, and died 02 Oct 1673 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma.

Children of R ICHARD W ARREN and E LIZABETH are:
2. i. M ARY 4 W ARREN , b. Abt. 1610, England; d. 27 Mar 1683, Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma

Generation 2

M ARY 4 W ARREN (R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1610 in England, and died 27 Mar 1683 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma. She married R OBERT B ARTLETT Aft. 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma, son of R OBERT B ARTLETT and A LICE B ARKER . He was born 27 May 1603 in Puddletown, Dorsetshire, England, and died Abt. 19 Sep 1676 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma.

Children of M ARY W ARREN and R OBERT B ARTLETT are:
3. ii. M ARY B ARTLETT , b. Abt. 1634, Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma; d. 26 Sep 1692, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Generation No. 3


M ARY 5 B ARTLETT (M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1634 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma, and died 26 Sep 1692 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. She married (1) R ICHARD F OSTER 10 Sep 1651. He was born in England, and died 1657 in Plymouth, Ma. She married (2) J OHNATHAN M OREY 08 Jul 1659 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, son of R OGER M OREY and M ARY J OHNSON . He was born Abt. 1633 in Salem, MA, and died 19 May 1708 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Children of M ARY B ARTLETT and J OHNATHAN M OREY are:
4. v. H ANNAH M OREY , b. Abt. 1673; d. 1729, Rochester, Plymouth, MA.

Generation No. 4


H ANNAH 6 M OREY (M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1673, and died 1729 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA. She married J UNIOR J OHN B UMPAS 1694, son of J OHN B UMPUS and S ARAH H UNTER . He was born 28 Sep 1673 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA, and died 22 Jun 1762 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA.

Children of H ANNAH M OREY and J OHN B UMPAS are:
5. iii. J OHN B UMPAS , b. 17 Jul 1698, Rochester, MA; d. 22 Jun 1763, Wareham, MA.

Generation No. 5


J OHN 7 B UMPAS (H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 17 Jul 1698 in Rochester, MA, and died 22 Jun 1763 in Wareham, MA. He married R EBECCA H UNTER 20 Jun 1723 in Rochester, MA, daughter of W ILLIAM H UNTER and R EBECCA B EESE . She was born Abt. 1698, and died Aft. 1763.

Children of J OHN B UMPAS and R EBECCA H UNTER are:
6. i. Z EPHANNIAH 8 B UMPAS , b. 1725, Rochester, Plymouth, MA.

Generation 06

Z EPHANNIAH 8 B UMPAS (J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1725 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA. He married T HANKFUL G IBBS 22 Mar 1753 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, daughter of M ICAH G IBBS and S ARAH S ANDERS . She was born 06 Mar 1732/33 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, and died 28 May 1793 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA.

7. i. J OHN 9 B UMPAS , b. 15 Oct 1763, Wareham, Plymouth, MA; d. 09 Oct 1848, Hebron, Oxford, Maine.

Generation No.  7.

J OHN 9 B UMPAS (Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 15 Oct 1763 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA, and died 09 Oct 1848 in Hebron, Oxford, Maine. He married M ARY B URGESS 27 Jun 1787 in New Gloucester, Cumberland, ME. She was born 1768 in Shepardsfield, ME, and died 27 Nov 1842 in Hebron, Oxford, Maine.

Children of J OHN B UMPAS and M ARY B URGESS are:
8. iii. O LIVE B UMPAS , b. 1791, Bingham, Maine; d. Bef. 1880.

Generation No. 8

O LIVE 10 B UMPAS (J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 1791 in Bingham, Maine, and died Bef. 1880. She married (1) S ILAS DOAR Dec 1813 in Civil, Dixfield, Oxford, Maine. She married (2) II G EORGE R OWE 01 Oct 1816 in Moscow, Somerset, Maine, son of G EORGE R OWE . He was born Abt. 1790 in Bingham, Maine, and died Abt. 1855 in Moscow, Somerset, Maine.

Children of O LIVE B UMPAS and G EORGE R OWE are:
17. viii. A LDEN B . R OWE , b. 27 Apr 1830, Pleasant Ridge, Somerset County, Maine; d. 07 Jun 1926, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

17. A LDEN B . 11 R OWE (O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 27 Apr 1830 in Pleasant Ridge, Somerset County, Maine, and died 07 Jun 1926 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. He married V ESTA V ICTORIA W ILLIAMS 24 Oct 1862 in Moscow, Somerset County, Maine, daughter of O TIS W ILLIAMS and M ARTHA S OMERBY . She was born 24 Oct 1844 in Somerset County, Maine, and died 18 Dec 1904 in at home, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon.

Children of A LDEN R OWE and V ESTA W ILLIAMS are:
26. v. A LFRED B . R OWE , b. 20 Feb 1872, Challange Mill, Yuba County, Ca; d. 22 Jan 1937, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

Generation No. 10


A LFRED B . 12 R OWE (A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 20 Feb 1872 in Challange Mill, Yuba County, Ca, and died 22 Jan 1937 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. He married E MILY C ECELIA N ELSON 12 Jun 1903 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, daughter of C HRESTON N IELSEN and C ECELIA E SKELSON . She was born 26 Jan 1885 in Clarks Grove Farm, Bath Township, Freeborn County, MINN/Clarks Grove, Faribault Co., MN, and died 04 May 1962 in Douglas County, OR.

Children of A LFRED R OWE and E MILY N ELSON are:
34. iv. O RVIN E ARL R OWE , b. 21 Sep 1910, Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon; d. 27 Dec 1964, Silverton, Marion County, OR.

Generation No. 11

4. O RVIN E ARL 13 R OWE (A LFRED B . 12, A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 21 Sep 1910 in Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, and died 27 Dec 1964 in Silverton, Marion County, OR. He married (1) P EARL . He married (2) HATTIE VAN EPPS. He married (3) L ILLIE M ARIE M C C LASKEY 18 Mar 1939, daughter of J OHN M CCLASKEY and C ORDELIA S TUART . She was born 09 Nov 1919 in Matheson, Elbert County, Colorado, and died 14 Feb 1998 in Silverton, Marion, Oregon.

Children of O RVIN R OWE and L ILLIE M C C LASKEY are:
44. ii. A LVIN C ECIL R OWE , b. 14 Sep 1940, Silverton, Marion County, OR; d. 23 Aug 1983, Silverton, Marion County, OR.

Generation No. 12

44. A LVIN C ECIL 14 R OWE (O RVIN E ARL 13, A LFRED B . 12, A LDEN B . 11, O LIVE 10 B UMPAS , J OHN 9, Z EPHANNIAH 8, J OHN 7, H ANNAH 6 M OREY , M ARY 5 B ARTLETT , M ARY 4 W ARREN , R ICHARD 3, C HRISTOPHER 2, W ILLIAM 1) was born 14 Sep 1940 in Silverton, Marion County, OR, and died 23 Aug 1983 in Silverton, Marion County, OR. He married (2) J OAN E NGLISH . He married (1) P ATRICIA L ORINE C OOP 23 Jun 1961 in 1711 D Street, Hayward, Alameda County, CA, daughter of E ARL C OOP and H AZEL V AN Z ANDT . She was born 09 Sep 1939 in St. Mary’s Hosp., San Francisco, San Francisco Co.,CA.

Children of A LVIN R OWE and P ATRICIA C OOP are:
57. i. P EGGY A NN 15 R OWE , b. 23 Apr 1962, Castro Valley, Alameda County, Ca.

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