I have built and maintained many websites over the years.  I build them from the ground up. Code & graphics included.  No matter where I live, I build them for individuals and companies from all over the nation.  From my home I work for people in Texas, California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, New Hampshire & Georgia, and that’s to name a few.

These days I really have come to like WordPress, & other pieces of software that helps make management of content easier.  WordPress is very easy to install (for me), and it is easy to add a plug in or widget.  It is no problem at all.

Besides websites, I’m a computer consultant, systems admin, and I’ve even been a database manager along with systems and administrator manager.  I have researched for pay.  If it takes a monitor & keyboard I’ve probably worked with it, & know it, intimately! 😉

I have a college degree and over 20 years experience.  Money talks, so talk to me! 🙂

More coming soon!