A moan and a groan…

Can I use a blog to bitch??!!  My kids don’t read this anyways! I just found out a few minutes ago, that my ex husband made it clear that it wasn’t worth his time to drive up here to Oregon to see his son for a two hour visitation.

What???!!!  Hello??  I just wonder what is worth anything at all to him.  Is there anything on this planet that he actually cares about, respects, or is worth his time?

After I moved up here to Roseburg, I drove down to California (that is NINE hours one way) to see my son. My visits with him while he was in the group home were often for less than 48 hours.  What is a child worth? One month, Sonoma County flew him home for a week, I had to drive four hours to pick him up at Portland Airport.  And, geez… while I was down there, my husband paid for gas, food, etc. while I ran around and did my thing with my son.  My husband who has known Wesley for two whole years shows that boy more respect and love than his own father does.

By the way, his father would not drive three hours to see him when he was in the same state either, and has not seen Wesley for at least two years now.  What does it take?

And as angry as I am for my son, (not like this is a new complaint here, just a new version of an old bitch)… the hurt when this all sinks in with the kids… the thought just makes me want to literaly cry.

I met him when I was 15 years old, and totally stupid myself.  But, I do wish I had waited until I was older and smarter and CHOSEN a better father for my children.  A thousand apologies, will never make up for the bad choices I have made either.

Ok nuff of that, just wanted to moan and groan, and I wish I could huff and puff and just blow his stupid house down!  Love ya all, Peg