Are PCs dead?

Hi there, I just read an article and I thought I’d share it!

Concerning the death of the PC, I’ve been asked by several people what the wave of the future is. Are PCs dead? My answer has been

  1. If I try to say what the next fad is, I’d be pretty silly because technology is changing at a rate that most people cannot predict what will truly come into play next.
  2. How in the world can PCs be dead when to write a report, or create a website or just about any kind of document you really need a Keyboard! In general, keyboards are built into or are plug in (able) to the device. I have an extra keyboard for my tablet. But it’s very small, about five inches by 8 inches. Way too small to type in a comfortable way!

I do not see tablets or smartphones replacing PCs anytime soon for those reasons alone. But, there are other reasons. The largest tablet that I am aware of is a 10 inch screen. I’m getting old. I like the larger screens that come with a PC. When I make graphics for a website or a document, I want to be able to zoom in to the pixel level and change what I want to change, that requires more video power than any tablet will give me, not to mention the real estate needed on a monitor. There are just so many reasons that PCs will be sticking around!

From an educator standpoint my guess is that PCs will mostly be sticking around if for no other reason, Keyboarding.  Any child who grows up and goes into working on computers for a living will need these skills. IF they work for a newspaper, they’ll need
The keyboard shortcuts for their word processing or graphics editing. IF they go into accounting they’ll have to know their way around spreadsheets intimately. Police officers have PCs attached inside the cars now, as do those big rigs you see running down the road. I have an uncle who drove truck, before he retired in 2007 he was having to use a proprietary system inside his truck. A person can’t even run a farm without a computer these days!

Anyway, end of that lecture! LOL. The intent of this email is only to point out that I am not the only person with this opinion.  Below is a link to an article written by a very well respected expert in the PC world. I thought you might enjoy it! Peg